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definition: Year \Year\, n. [OE. yer, yeer]: 6 months, or until the next official nerd club lan party.

autonomous lan party [ALP]


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ToXiN_TrAin's rig:

typePrimary Desktop
motherboard and processor
CPU2087MHz AMD Athlon 2800+ barton
CPU [cooler]Speeze 5R058B3H SK-A/370 Fan & Heatsink
motherboardABIT VA-10
cache [L1]64KB
cache [L2]64KB
memory [total]1024MB at maximum PC2700 DDR SDRAM
memory [one]512MB kingston PC3200 DDR SDRAM
memory [two]512MB kingston PC2700 DDR SDRAM
drives :: IDE
IDE [max]
graphics and sound
graphics card128MB ATi Radeon 9800pro, ATi [AGP 8x]
sound cardVIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller
speakersAltec Lansing Series 100
headphonesLogitech Premium Stereo Headset
display [model]HP
display [type]17 inch CRT
display [res]1280x1024
operating systems
OS [one]Windows XP Professional
case and power supply
caseAntec, Model # SLK3700-BQE
power supplyDevanni 400W Clear Light
internet connection
net [type]Cable [ 387 kbps | 156 kbps ]
input devices
mouseMicrosoft PS/2 Compatible Mouse
keyboardStandard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard
peripheral [one]Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital 3D (USB)
peripheral [two]USB Mass Storage Device
cooling [one]fans
cooling [two]holes
cooling [notes]2 blue LED 120mm fans with a pci video card cooler
And 3 green LED fans on the side